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Start Your Outsourcing Journey

When Should You Start Your Outsourcing Journey - Strata Editon

Running a strata firm comes with many challenges. With the increase of competition in the strata industry, retaining clients becomes difficult as well as the pressure for lower fees, faster response times and the demand for an improved customer experience.

Many strata firms have turned to outsourcing as a solution for these problems. But how do you know when you should start your outsourcing journey?

You don’t have time to focus of the growth of your strata firm
If you don’t have time to plan and focus on the growth of your strata firm, it is likely you will fail to pick up new buildings and grow the portfolio of your strata firm.

Outsourcing can allow you to free up the time of your client facing staff so they can build better relationships with committees and owners and as a result retain current schemes and gain new ones.

You are falling behind in the race for innovation
Innovation is a word that is becoming more commonly used throughout the strata industry. Many firms are using technology to create a more seamless client experience and using innovation as a selling point to gain new clients. Many strata firms have partnered with outsourcing providers to ensure they do not fall behind in the race for innovation.

You don’t have the staff or resources to grow and become more efficient in your operations
If you don’t have the resources necessary, it will become very difficult to grow your firm and increase revenue.

Through our process design, technology and people – we have helped transform strata firms of all sizes. We have worked with clients who ranged from needing an entire over-haul of their systems to leading firms who were simply looking to further improve efficiencies.

You don’t have the data required to make the right business decisions for your strata firm
Many strata firms invest in technology and processes but are not using the systems to their full potential. Outsourcing can allow your firm to be shown and access data from behind the scenes that will allow your firm to make better business decisions that will have an overall benefit to your firm.

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