Are You an Innovative Strata Firm?

Are You an Innovative Strata Firm?

Are You an Innovative Strata Firm?

Did you know you can use innovation to grow your business?

Successful new ideas are crucial to strata firms being able to improve processes, gain new business, increase efficiency and improve profitability.

But how do you become an innovative strata firm?

There are many steps you can take to become more innovative, however implementing them all at once is setting yourself up for failure.

We have been working with some of Australia’s leading strata firms for over 10 years and have seen that technology and process design is the most beneficial for those firms looking to be the driver for innovation.


Technology is a major part of most industries, however many strata firms have failed to jump on the technology train.

Technology is an important factor in innovation for strata firms. Many strata business innovations have been achieved through the use of technology. Technology allows for many of the repetitive, time consuming tasks of strata management to become simpler and more efficient.

Not only can technology allow you to improve your strata firm from an operational perspective, but it can also assist you in improving service for your clients.

Process Design

With inefficient processes in your strata firm, it is very difficult to implement any ideas innovated by you and your team.

With expertise in process definition, APT creates customised processes that are unique to your strata firm.

We have a migration process to ensure a seamless transition. We will come to your business, learn what you are doing currently and what your business goals are. From there we work with you on process design (including technology and people) in order to reach your business goals.

We will stay in regular contact with you and ask for ongoing feedback to improve quality of work and increase customer satisfaction.

how can we help you?

We help you take repetitive, time-consuming tasks off your plate