Holman Webb Law Firms Experience With APT

Experience With APT

Matthew Baker is a partner in the successful Law Firm Holman Webb. He has over 20 years’ experience in insurance litigation and actively encourages alternative dispute resolution. He has participated in over 500 settlement conferences, mediations and case appraisals therefore he knows how important it is to obtain a high standard of work and create quick turnaround times for clients. This is why Matthew has decided to outsource to APT.

We sat down with Matthew to hear his views and opinions for outsourcing with APT.


What made you decide to outsource?

We had a couple of issues. We had staff downtime, holiday, leave, staff not getting things on time so we needed a back-up plan and it was a tiresome process to interview people. Getting APT on-board made things much quicker and it enabled us to scale up and scale down as we need it.


What did you tell your clients?

We have outsourced the back-office, so we haven’t had to tell our clients too much at all really, they see the same process the same things to live it they just see it delivered on time or even earlier than it was before.


Was APT your first attempt at outsourcing?

It was and we’ve been very happy with it and we are happy to recommend to anyone else.


What were your thoughts of outsourcing prior to APT?

We had concerns about the quality of the work and the timeliness. If there are any issues, we are able to work through them. With the quality of the work, what you put in is what you get back, so it’s been a worthwhile experience for us.


How did you meet Jeet & his team?

Jeet’s team came out and met with us and talked us through the process and what worked for us.  We started with one person doing a certain amount of work for us and we’ve slowly just built from there. This was probably the best way to go, tipped our toe in the water and once we got the first part right, we moved on to the second and the third and have been growing ever since.

Has your Product Quality Changed?

I don’t think the quality of the products has changed, it’s always been a great quality product but it’s allowed us to do it in a more timely way which has been well-received by the staff and by our clients.

What were your concerns before choosing APT for outsourcing?

Most of our concerns were that the quality of the work would drop, that hasn’t been the case. The quality has increased in a number of areas and the speed and the timeliness is what has really driven the business. Things get done quicker and they get done overnight, when you come in to work the following day you are ready to go.


What was your staff’s reaction when you communicated the shift to outsourcing with APT?

The staff were the more skeptical than the partners were. However,  slowly but surely they have embraced it and it has allowed them to do more high-end, more value-added work for clients that they weren’t getting the time to do or weren’t being able to do as much of. So it’s been fantastic.


How was the transition process with APT?

Well we started gradually so the transition process wasn’t such a big deal for us, we started with one employee doing one type of work and we have just built on that as we’ve got each little part right, so it wasn’t too bad.


Would you recommend APT to your network?

Most definitely, they have done a fantastic job for us and we are very happy.


What will be the ongoing benefits of working with APT?

The main benefit is less stress and the timeliness of the work being completed. Things get done quickly and the turn around to our clients has increased significantly. That has taken a lot of pressure off us and it has allowed us to stay on top of things.

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