How to Spot A ‘Dodgy’ Process and How to Fix It

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Every business has different goals that they want to achieve and different visions for their business. Therefore, every business has different processes in place. But are these processes the right ones to achieve your business goals and ensure you are operating at maximum efficiency?

The impact of poor processes can be detrimental to your business. They can hurt your organisation by not only effecting the end customer, but they can also frustrate your employees. Missed deadlines and unnecessary expenditure are just more problems that get added to the mix.

How to Fix a Dodgy Process

Many businesses lean towards software and automation to fix ineffective processes and improve business efficiency.

Below is a story about how APT assisted one of Australia’s national firms to improve their processes and save money:

When we started working with one of Australia’s national Strata firms, they had four different branches. Each of these branches had a separate accounting software license for each branch. The firm uses Rockend software.

For those of you in the Strata industry, you will be aware that Strata Accounting software companies charge fees per license. This resulted in our client unnecessarily paying high license fees for their software.

The Solution
The Strata firm made the decision to consolidate data and use only one single Rockend license for all branches to avoid extra license fees.

APT played a vital role in generating the below reports from individual Rockend accounts for each branch before and after the consolidation process.

These reports included:

  • Cash Management
  • Section 184
  • Bank Rec Summary
  • Levy Positing
  • Levy Positions
  • Detailed Balance Sheet
  • Strata Roll Audit
  • Debt Recovery

At APT, we have processes in place when making changes to client software. This included taking a backup of the firms’ data from Rockend as a safety precaution.

As well as safety precautions, we conducted an audit of the reports generated before and after the consolidation process to ensure the data was imported correctly. We conducted reconciliation daily to ensure the results were accurate in the individual and consolidated Rockend software.

Our experienced staff members at APT generated different reports from the consolidated Rockend account to remove duplicate data.

After continuous efforts over 13 days, APT, our client and their IT team successfully completed the consolidation of data into a single Rockend license.

This project enabled the Strata firm to save a significant amount on their software licensing.

Process Design With APT

With expertise in process definition, APT creates customised processes that are unique to every client. No two businesses are the same so why should their outsourcing solutions be the same.

We have a migration process to ensure a seamless transition. We will come to your business, learn what you are doing currently and what your business goals are. From there we work with you on process design in order to achieve your business goals.

We will stay in regular contact with you and ask for ongoing feedback to improve quality of work and increase customer satisfaction.

For your business to run seamlessly, you need to ensure you have the correct processes, technology and people in place.

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