New Financial Year Checklist – Law Edition

New Financial Year Checklist - Law

New Financial Year Checklist - Legal Edition

Planning for the new financial year is important task for legal firms. Not only is it a time to create new budgets, business goals and strategies, but it is also a time where there is often an influx of new candidates in the legal industry who are starting their search for a new role.

The end of a financial year is often when employees are looking at their own finances and performance reviews are conducted. It may be a time that they decide they are unhappy with their salary or career progression.

So, how can you plan for the new financial year and the influx on new candidates?

Create monthly tasks rather than yearly

Often, firms create goals at the start of the financial year that they want to be complete by the end of the financial year. In these instances, people get the mentality that they have a whole year to achieve the goal and often don’t think about the time it will take for the goal to be achieved. This often causes the goals to fall behind on schedule or not be complete at all.

This can be resolved by breaking tasks into smaller, more manageable sized tasks.

Make technology a priority when creating your goals this financial year

Legal firms throughout Australia are beginning to become more technologically advanced for the benefit of their clients. With many employees continuing to work from home due to the implications of the COVID-19 pandemic, this financial year is the time your update your inhouse technologies. Switching to the latest technologies can assist your firm to become more efficient.

APT can assist your legal firm to implement this step. If you are not satisfied with your current software, systems, communication tools or technology, APT can help. Included in your contract, we will help you get the most out of your current software or design new technology for your business.

If you have been looking to improve your business technology, yet lack the resources or budget to take on the project – that is where we can help. We can design or adjust technology to work for your legal firm. We help you improve your processes and workflows through the use of technology.

Seek additional assistance

The start of a new financial year can often be chaotic for legal firms. Seeking additional assistance from the start can ensure your firm stays on track from the very beginning.

APT has been working with professional service firms for over 10 years. We have grown into more than just an outsourcing firm, becoming an extension of your business. Through our process design, technology and people – your firm becomes well equipped to manage growth and increase capacity.

APT is a professional outsourcing company who assists its clients in achieving their goals by providing bespoke solutions to their needs. We do not just come in on a one-off consulting basis and tell you how to work. We work with you on your process definition and technology, then provide offshore staff who are highly qualified.

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