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Power 2 Brisbane Increase Turnover By A Staggering $1.1 Million Per Year Thanks To Outsourcing

Daniel Hay is a Brisbane accountant in his early 30s. He was working 10 hours per day and was not only responsible for managing the client relationships, but also acting as the office manager. He had minimal spare time on his hands to look for new opportunities and grow the business. However, that’s where his skills and talent resided.

Eager to grow the business, Daniel knew that he had to spend more of his time on higher value tasks like speaking with new potential clients. In order to do this, he of course had to spend less time on  tasks that others were capable of doing. 

He wasn’t alone mind you. The other partners at Power 2 Brisbane were also keen to grow the business and also faced the same challenges.

The practice was running at maximum capacity yet growth had stopped because everyone was too busy managing the existing client workload. The time for expanding and continuing to improve their business had ceased and they had become stagnant. This was a position they did not want to be in.

While waiting to board a flight, Daniel ran into an old connection. Talking through life and work, Daniel’s friend quickly realised there was a simple solution to his problems; outsourcing. His friend introduced him to the concept of using highly qualified Indian staff to take the pressure off his Australian team. It wasn’t about taking away work from his beloved Australian staff, rather letting them shine through refocusing their workload.

Some thorough research and due diligence occurred over the coming weeks and at the next Partners meeting the entire firm resolved to begin the process of moving some of the non-client facing tasks like routine tax and accounting matters to Australian Recognised Degree Qualified Staff in India.

The process of transitioning towards an outsourced business model raised some challenges with the Accounting Firm, but the leadership at Power 2 Brisbane was committed and the team at APT was there to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Apart from the increased revenue and profits there were three main benefits the Accounting Firm discovered thanks to outsourcing.

Daniel was able to use his newfound free time to strengthen his relationships with his network and connections. This activity resulted in seven new high value clients and an increase in revenue of $1.1 Million for his accounting firm, Power2Brisbane.

They no longer refer to it as outsourcing, rather insourcing as their Indian Team members are playing an integral role in the ongoing success of Power 2 Brisbane.

Thanks to APT and their dedication to help Australian businesses successfully integrate outsourced staff with local Australian staff, Power2 was able to reduce costs, improve efficiency and enable growth.

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