Steps to Outsourcing – Strata Edition

Steps to Outsourcing - Strata Edition

Steps to Outsourcing - Strata Edition

To reap the benefits of strata outsourcing, we can’t stress enough the importance of the set up and design of your processes, technology and people.

Some clients have found integrating outsourcing bit by bit worked best for them, while some have found a complete overhaul all at once (making sure all the cogs fit together) has been effective for them. If you do not define your goals, pain points, successes, failures and processes – then you will never effectively outsource.

We have put together a simple diagram to illustrate the different phases of outsourcing and how you should go about it.

With APT, we employ experts in process definition and are ISO certified. For no extra charge we are able to work with your business to help define, assess and improve your process design and current technology use. From this, we help you build your offshore operations.

Step 1 – Planning Phase

Firstly, you need to define the pain points, business goals or financial decisions that has guided you to the decision to outsource.

You should then book in a consultation with one of our executive team so we can gain an understanding about your strata firm, your needs, your current operations and your goals.

Step 2 – Set up Phase

Before starting your transition to outsourcing, we first have strategy meetings with you to work out a plan of attack. How many people do you need for your offshore team, what functions are best improved through a redesign of processes, improvement in technology, offshore staff or a combination of any 3 of those. Have no stress, we have been doing this for a long time, we specialize in strata and we are highly qualified to work with you on setting this up. This part of your outsourcing journey is made easier by choosing an experienced, specialist outsourcing firm.

Step 3 – Migration Process

This phase technically starts with the set-up phase, when we consult with you about your needs and visits. We will then come visit your business several times during important task dates like payroll processing or AP payment runs. We then go through an extensive checklist once we have a plan developed including, but not limited to – training our staff, testing processes, trailing different ways of doing things, creating process maps and workflows, more training and testing and continuous improvement.

Step 4 – Going Live (and ongoing)

Once we have all of the planning, integration and migration in place, it is time to go live. But alas, it never stops there. Business success is all about continuous improvement. At APT we always make ourselves available, provide regular updates and suggestions and work with your strata firm to ensure our processes, technology and people are always improving.

End Goal – you are now able to manage growth in the strata industry and improve efficiencies. Low cost, high quality and timely turnarounds.

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