The Advantages of Legal Process Outsourcing

The Advantages of Legal Process Outsourcing

The Advantages of Legal Process Outsourcing

Many law firms have begun to outsource due to the many advantages and success stories that have come from Australian law firms outsourcing their back-end processes.

So, what are the advantages that your law firm may be missing out on?


Legal process outsourcing allows firms to provide exceptional service to their clients without incurring additional overhead costs or excessive expenditure. Outsourcing allows law firms to maximise their resources. For a cheaper cost your firm can become more efficient in both productivity and resources.


Through outsourcing, you can look at where you can improve efficiency, reduce your costs and improve the effectiveness of each one of your team members. You can turn around the trend of reduced margins and increased costs.

Think of the possibilities. Suddenly you have an extra 15 hours each week to focus on the growth of your business. You can reduce your fixed wage costs by as much as 50%. By legal process outsourcing you can also have less errors, better quality work, reduced wait times and improved employee output.

Faster turnaround time

Business process outsourcing is continuing to increase in popularity. Due to its many benefits including a faster delivery process and quick turnaround times on projects and developments. Professionals who believe in delivering top notch services which are reliable, cost-effective and time-efficient utilise outsourcing.

Many companies believe that outsourcing is simply cutting costs and wages. Speed of delivery is just one of the many benefits that far outweigh cutting costs.

How can APT help you reap the advantages of Legal Process outsourcing?

At APT, we provide outsourcing and support services to a wide array of legal firms, ranging from sole practitioners through to large practices.

The widespread growth of law and legal firms utilising an outsourcing solution has the potential to leave your firm behind. With APT by your side, your firm will become more competitive than ever before. Through our combination of Process Design, Technology and People, the team at APT helps enhance the time-consuming back-end processes that every firm has. Without these tasks clogging up your firm you will free up your firm’s resources, allowing you to open the door to opportunities for growth. These opportunities could include improving client relationships, developing a better work-life balance or a better bottom line.

When you engage our services, the people that are assigned to your business will only work on your business. They will know your business inside and out and become not just an extension of your business but a part of it. And the best part, you can usually achieve this for up to 70% off the cost it would take to achieve a similar result in Australia.

A strategic partnership with APT benefits legal practices by:

Increase Volume

Enabling firms to exponentially increase their volumes without sacrificing margins or incrementally increasing fixed/variable costs of transactions.

Boost Productivity

Deploying APT for support services will free up your in-house team to engage clients in discussing other requirements (e.g. estate planning, Family law matters and more).

Higher Margins

If conveyancing is a loss leader in your firm, APT’s conveyancing outsourcing services will transform conveyancing to a high margin proposition for your firm.

Four areas we find our clients benefit most from:

Contract Management

Contract drafting services, contract monitoring and management, document review, litigation services and document drafting including standard contracts, agreements, letters to clients and more.

Legal Search

Legal search such as title search, plan search, Body Corporate Search and more.

Paralegal Support Services

Proofreading, litigation support, stamping, settlement booking, administrative and secretarial activities such as following up with clients and more.

Accounts Management

Legal billing activities including preparation of invoices, collection of timesheets and more.

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