Things you didn’t know you can outsource – Strata edition

Things you didn’t know you can outsource - Strata edition

Things you didn’t know you can outsource - Strata edition

Many strata firms look into outsourcing but are unaware of what areas of their business they can actually outsource.

Tasks specific to the strata industry

From working with strata firms for over 10 years, we have seen that these two strata specific tasks have been some of the most beneficial for our clients:

Drafting of Documents

Writing agendas and minutes can be extremely time-consuming. At APT we can take the bulk of time spent writing minutes and agendas off your hands by drafting them for your Strata Managers. It is then only a short task for your managers to check the documents before sending them to owners.

Take Repetitive, Time-Consuming Tasks Away from Client Facing Staff

Being a Strata Manager means your days are unpredictable. Committees come to you for guidance with issues that they want resolved as soon as possible, you have to prepare agendas and minutes, you are obtaining quotes for works, responding to hundreds of emails and the phone calls keep coming in.

Any repetitive and time-consuming tasks can be passed on to your offshore team to ensure your onshore team remain responsive to clients.

Outsourcing can also allow you to get assistance with: 

  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivables
  • Rent reconciliations
  • Debt collection
  • Body Corporate year end reconciliations
  • Preparation of meeting agendas
  • Transcription of minutes
  • Various other secretarial and administrative services.

We also provide support for standard business functions such as payroll, management reporting, bookkeeping and taxation. We become an extension of your business.

Your wider business

Process Design

With expertise in process definition, APT creates customised processes that are unique to every client. No two businesses are the same so why should their outsourcing solutions be the same.

We have a migration processes to ensure a seamless transition. We will come to your business, learn what you are doing currently and what your business goals are. From there we work with you on process design (including technology and people) in order to reach your business goals.

We will stay in regular contact with you and ask for ongoing feedback to improve quality of work and increase customer satisfaction.


If you are not satisfied with your current software, systems, communication tools or technology, APT can help. Included in your contract, we will help you get the most out of your current software or design new technology for your business.

If you have been looking to improve your business technology yet lack the resources or budget to take on the project – that is where we can help.

We can design or adjust technology to work for you.

We help you improve your processes and workflows through the use of technology.


To ensure the highest level of success when implementing outsourcing solutions, APT prioritises a smooth integration into your business.

We have a design period where our team spends time looking at your policies, procedures and actual workflows followed by your company. With this, we can evaluate current performance barometers; decide which strata processes can be implemented into an offshore team, which require extra training and if re-engineering of any process is required.

You will have a single point of contact who will be responsible for communication and management of every step of the project.

APT is more than just an outsourcing firm. We are an all-inclusive, extension of your business.

So, what can APT do for your business?

Through our process design, technology and people – we have helped transform strata firms of all sizes. We have worked with clients who ranged from needing an entire over-haul of their systems to leading firms who were simply looking to further improve efficiencies.

how can we help you?

We help you take repetitive, time-consuming tasks off your plate