What you can outsource and what you need to know – Legal Edition

What you can outsource and what you need to know - Legal Edition

What you can outsource and what you need to know - Legal Edition

The legal industry in Australia has started to see more and more firms use outsourcing for not only general back end processes, but also complex core business tasks including legal, paralegal and secretarial services as well as financial services.

So, what does your law firm need to know about legal process outsourcing and what can you outsource?

One of the main motivators when firms initially start to consider outsourcing is the cost savings. While this is one of the benefits, more and more law firms are starting to see that there are many other advantages to outsourcing that they consider a greater benefit than just cost savings.

Throughout our 10 years in the legal outsourcing industry, we have seen that our clients benefit most from outsourcing by being able to increase volume, boost productivity and obtain higher margins.

  • Increase Volume – Enabling firms to exponentially increase their volumes without sacrificing margins or incrementally increasing fixed/variable costs of transactions.
  • Boost Productivity – Deploying APT for support services will free up your in-house team to engage clients in discussing other requirements (e.g. estate planning, family law matters and more).
  • Higher Margins – If any area of your law firm is running at a loss, APT’s outsourcing services will transform the required area of the business to a high margin proposition for your firm.

So, what can you outsource to assist you in achieving the above three benefits?

We provide legal, paralegal, secretarial and financial services to law firms ranging from sole practitioners to large practices. This allows our clients to boost productivity, increase volumes, reduce cost, improve margins and stay competitive.

Our legal/paralegal/secretarial services include:
Litigation support, preparation of monthly worksheet summaries of different cases to lawyers, dictations, compliance, filing with various authorities, drafting of letters, contracts and agreements, conveyancing support services & land registry searches, legal billing activities including preparation of invoices, collection of timesheets etc., paralegal support services, legal search.

Our financial services include:
Accounts payables/receivables, bank & credit card reconciliations, payroll management, GST, business activity statements, disbursements/invoices, adjustments & write offs, periodic reporting to principals, management accounting reports.

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