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What you should and shouldn’t do when legal outsourcing

Many law firms are beginning to utlise the many benefits that come with legal process outsourcing. These benefits including increased revenue, more efficient processes and a better client experience.

Starting your outsourcing journey can be a daunting. At APT we have put together some do’s and don’ts of legal process outsourcing to help you take the first step into improved processes, increased efficiency and higher profits for your firm.


Save your firm time
The legal industry is very demanding and employees in the industry are often required to work lengthy hours to get the job done. This is why many firms are turning to outsourcing to free their staff from repetitive tasks that can be complete by an offshore provider. This way, your onshore team can focus on their strengths and providing a better service to their clients.

Reduce your expenses
Lawyers spend a lot of time becoming qualified for their role and the paycheck reflects this. Outsourcing can allow your firm to reduce costs. 


Don’t think of outsourcing as a temporary solution
Outsourcing and consulting are two completely different things, and it is important not to get the two mixed up.

At APT we don’t just come in on a one-off consulting basis and tell you how to work. We work with you on your process definition and technology, then provide staff who are highly qualified. We come to your business, learn about your current processes and workflows. We then work alongside with you to figure out how we can help you manage your growth by applying our process design, technology and people.

Don’t go with the cheapest provider available
Cheap doesn’t always mean the best value. If your outsourcing provider is offering a contract that is significantly cheaper than other providers, it is likely the price will be reflected in the quality of work provided. Quite often we have seen providers offering great deals, but they have hidden fees that are charged to your firm every billing cycle.

At APT, we pride ourselves on our completely transparent pricing structure. Affordability and value for money are two reasons many of our client’s partner with APT. Our cost of staff includes everything – from office rent to payroll, there will be no hidden or additional costs. The price will also reflect the experience, education and tenure of your offshore team member, so there will be no sacrifice to quality.

Our final tips
When considering the decision to outsource for your legal firm it is important to consider what provider will add value to your business and work with you to improve your processes and workflows. It is important to do your research as outsourcing is a big decision. At APT we understand this and are happy to offer free consultations and a trial job for your law firm so you can have peace of mind.

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