Which Parts of Your Legal Team Should You Outsource?

Which Parts of Your Legal Team Should You Outsource?

Which Parts of Your Legal Team Should You Outsource?

Many law firms are seeking ways to reduce their operating costs due to the financial impacts of COVID-19. Law firms are constantly under significant time and price pressures from their clients. This forces firms to find new ways to improve efficiency and reduce costs. Many firms have turned to outsourcing as a solution.

Once a firm has made the decision that they are ready to start their outsourcing journey, they often don’t know what areas of their business they want to or should outsource.

Four areas we have found that our clients benefit most from are contract management, legal search, paralegal support and accounts management.

Contract Management

Contract drafting services, contract monitoring and management, document review, litigation services and document drafting including standard contracts, agreements, letters to clients and more.

Legal Search

Legal search such as title search, plan search, Body Corporate Search and more.

Paralegal Support Services

Proofreading, litigation support, stamping, settlement booking, administrative and secretarial activities such as following up with clients and more.

Accounts Management

Legal billing activities including preparation of invoices, collection of timesheets and more.


At APT we have been assisting legal firms for over 10 years and have never lost a client.

Many legal firms choose to outsource and get cheap labour offshore. This often results in low quality work, constant micro-managing and communication issues.

With APT, your contract includes more than just offshore staff. We offer a full service including;

Process Design – to ensure your business is operating at the highest efficiency and outlining what areas need improvement.

Technology – helping you get the most out of your current software and offering design of new technology to improve your processes and delivery.

People – if you have any processes or roles that could be more efficient offshore, we provide people who not only have a degree in the legal or financial industry but have years of experience in western countries and India.

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