Who Should I Outsource My Financial Services to?

Who Should I Outsource My Financial Services to?

Who Should I Outsource My Financial Services to?

In the current financial services landscape, businesses need to be adaptable to the ever-changing legislation and regulation. With new technologies and a rise in competition, it is now more important than ever to ensure your firm is profitable, efficient and providing clients with high-quality service.

Many financial services firms are turning to outsourcing to make all of this possible, but who should you choose as your outsourcing provider?

Below we have created a financial service outsourcing provider checklist to ensure your chosen firm has everything you need!

Experience in financial services

Choosing the right firm to fulfil your outsourcing needs will be the make or break of your success. When hiring for your onshore team, relevant degrees and industry experience is a must. When choosing your offshore team, you should ensure you apply the same standards. Outsourcing for accountants has many benefits, however it is important your offshore team have the skillset required for your business.

APT has over 10 years’ experience working with financial services firms and therefore know the industry trends and what processes and workflows work best for the industry.

A job trial to see if the provider is the right fit for you

Outsourcing is a big decision, it’s not just a one-off consultation job. Outsourcing is a long-term venture that is an extension of your business.

Once you decide you wish to outsource work with APT, we can offer you a trial job. You can send us trial work and assess our quality and competencies and decide if you would like to implement your decision of outsourcing your business processes.

Experienced offshore talent

At APT, your business is partnered with employees who are dedicated to only your financial services firm. Our minimum qualification requirement for recruitment is a Bachelor’s degree. You will be partnered with employees who are qualified in the finance industry and have experience working in the field. This will allow your business to be adaptable to the changes in the finance industry and ensure every part of your business is operating with a high level of industry knowledge.

A design period to see how the outsourcing company can improve your processes

Every financial services firm is different. It is important to see how your chosen outsourcing provider will design new or work with your existing processes to make your firm more efficient.

At APT, we have a design period where our team spends time looking at your policies, procedures and actual workflows followed by your company. With this, we can evaluate current performance barometers and decide whether we need onsite training or if re-engineering of any process is required for your financial services firm.

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