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5 key benefits of outsourcing – Strata Edition

Outsourcing services for strata firms are being widely adopted across Australia. With more competition popping up regularly, the need to provide high-quality service is greater than ever. If you want to get your body corporate and owners corporation managers in front of clients and building relationships, then you need to strip back your processes, technology and people

Below we have listed 5 key benefits that we have found most benefit our clients when strata outsourcing:

Improve strata processes

Partnering with a business process outsourcing provider is becoming increasingly popular for many strata firms throughout Australia.

With expertise in process definition, APT creates customised processes that are unique to every strata firm. We have a migration process to ensure a seamless transition. We will come to your business, learn what you are currently doing and what your business goals are. From there, we work with you on process design (including technology and people) in order to reach the goal of your strata firm.

Grow your business

Just because you are currently incredibly busy managing your existing workload, it doesn’t mean that you can’t plan for growth now.

In fact, if you would allow us to be a little blunt with you, you MUST plan for growth now, no matter how busy you are.

Our past experience working with strata firms throughout Australia has identified that inefficient or non-existent systems increases compliance work and the cost of hiring employees.

Imagine how your strata firm could operate if your firm had the ability to manage growth effectively and had efficient systems in place. You could have the resources in place to handle all your reporting and compliance work AND you could reduce the cost of hiring employees.

When outsourcing with APT, we manage many of the tasks associated with growing business for you.

Trained, experienced and qualified

At APT we are dedicated to hiring the best employees suited to your industry. We only hire staff to work with you that understand your industry. The strata industry is complex and is governed by legislation. Therefore, it is important that both your on-shore and off-shore team members have a solid understanding of the industry, legislation and terminology.

Improve productivity

By spending the time to look at where you can improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve effectiveness of each one of your team members, you can turn around the trend of reduced margins and increased costs.

Think of the possibilities if:

  • Suddenly you had an extra 15 hours each week to focus on the growth of your business
  • You were able to reduce your fixed wages cost by as much as 50%
  • There were less errors, better quality work, reduced wait times and improved employee output

Wouldn’t that be a total business transformation? All of this is possible if you develop a productive outsourced team with APT Business Services.

Become an innovative strata firm

In the global race of innovation, Australian businesses are falling behind. This is seen in many strata firms throughout Australia. The issues associated with poor innovation in strata firms have been identified as many employees lacking the time to develop and suggest innovative ideas. As well as this, employers are unaware and are not fully utilising the skills of their employees. Clearly, employees are not being used to their full potential.

Outsourcing your backend processes can free up the time of your staff and allow them to focus on innovation and growing your strata firm.

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